Friday, 13 March 2015

Been long since I wrote..

Been long since I wrote
With the pages of past seeming to get hazy so speedily
Feels like ages have travelled past me with arrogance
Spelling out the rule book of life so loud, so clear
So frequent..
Ringing bells of prosecution, calling out loud
My mistakes and faults, of letting the feelings flow
Blaming me for feelings not in accordance to the rules
Feelings which I had when I was a kid
Even those when I was not a kid
Oh! So much my heart pains to carry the same feelings
Which make me feel alive
Which make me see life as a road without destination
Which make me feel I have a heart, a humble one
Which make my heart fly, even higher
Gathering the clouds of happiness, mist of friendship and droplets of love
Oh! Why this rule book..
Seeing life beautiful isn't a sin, its a bliss
But art is to attain this bliss only with purity of heart
Been long since I wrote