Friday, 7 August 2015

Around five years back, I started this blog - then named as Nuggets of Imagination.

Oh my! When I look back now, I see a full lifetime led in this span of just five years.. Much happened, I wrote blogs...more blogs.. stories..more stories..books..more books..

Weather changed, my home town changed (I could no longer see the old grille with money plant rolling up on the windows of Mrs Sen's house), computers changed, airplanes too changed. Now, I see startups, apps, new era of you tube videos, fitness bands, diet charts, people counting their steps, newspapers talking about % of bad air we take in every day. So, the changes have been bad. But good too.

With all these, some other things too changed - my thoughts and the way I see life. 

Well, and what better way to express my thoughts if not through a blog - no publisher required, no marketing, you have only readers and more importantly - interested readers!

Today, I deleted all posts in my blog. Because they were reflections of what I thought of life then. Today, I have newer, wider, deeper definitions of life which is new and hence this new blog with a new name. 

Taptrospection - What's with the name?

I tried getting creative, less complex, audience oriented, innovative and then I chucked it all! 

Names comes with intent,I thought, And intention of this blog is simple - I will just share with you some simple short stories. Oh! Pardon me - this time they won't be stories, they will be petty realities. That's not a typo - I will share petty realities of everyday life which mean nothing but mean everything. Confused or irritated with this confusion?

Don't be. Let me explain. Over these five years I met so many people, conducted stress relief sessions, for some counselling like a friend for some counselling like a guide, traveled, cried, got frustrated, was confused with life and ambition, desires and obligations. and more than all - I saw my grandmother die. 

With all this and with my learning from them,I realized one thing which is not new to you - We all should have a fair purpose of life - a good reason to live some tiny number of years that we are destined to live. There are many of these reasons but I choose the simplest of all - to take away confusion, distress, stress, confusion, negatives from you and from me, together. 

Almost, every day I observe some very simple things. And trust me, those very simple things give me answers to the most difficult questions - What do I want, yaar? Should I join a start up? Kuch naya karna hai - bada karna hai, should I be myself or change to fit to others at times, is it justified to do the right things always or we take up wrong things at times to avoid troubles, how do I manage work and life, how do I manage stress, I am not happy, I love being alone but I envy people who are enjoying..

Yes, honest confessions - some of these are common to me too.

But, I feel I find the most effective, unbeatable solutions to these with those small things that happen to me daily. Let me talk with you through this blog - tap on your shoulder to make you introspect too, as I do. 

Money, movies, trips, biking, hiking, games, beer, poker - is life. And there is one more to life - to be in a state to do all this - a happy state. And this blog will possibly help you to be in that state.

Lets tap to introspect - let's taptrospect!

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P.S - Mrs Sen' house doesn't have a climber because the house is gone and so is she. 


  1. Awesome..
    Very touchy and meaningful.
    I am one of your biggest fans and I am proud to call myself your fan. I mean it

  2. I have been reading your writings including books. Glad to be the reader. Thanks for sharing the blog with new thoughtful title. I'm sure your readers enjoy your renewed blog with charged energy will make them feel its worth waiting for your blog.

  3. We feel very confident about life in our way....but the reality is we can't control anything what goes on.....only thing by which we can move our energy in positive direction is belief on our positivity.....I have learnt from life that u become more and more strong only if there are challenges in life be it social, personal or whatever but we will have to face it fight it and have a strong belief that "I will make it one day".

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  5. Glad that I came across this blog.Keep writing and inspiring us.